Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Warden Lost The Keys

Linking with Imaginary Gardens

It is my own treachery that binds the loosest ends
and prevents my own wild dreams and yearnings
from escaping or returning once again.

The tactics needed and the art of love and war
are a scheme my heart has captured
and lost in tenderness and battle scars.

The energy to build a fire with twigs in the dark
is an ardor I traded for restless sleep
in alliance with the complacent and hardened hearts.

I am a warden that holds the keys of all fair and true
yet I lose them in my searching
for I hoped I had given them all to you.


  1. Oh Carrie, spectacular writing. Especially your closing stanza. Wow!

  2. seamless weave of the prompt - thank you for adding your voice ~ M

  3. An ardor I traded for restless sleep.

    I'd have no idea this was prompted from a word list! Beautiful

  4. The word associations and language here are subtle and delicate, enhancing the sorrow, and the sense of losing the way, or even being kept from the way, the narrator is so marked by. I would pick some favorite lines(like the third stanza) but really each word shines here.

  5. I think you did give the keys away, but then you have them back where they should stay, to be lent only, and then only to someone you can trust. Beautifully expressed. X

  6. I love this...especially the beginning. Such a creative ad perfect use of the prompted words.

  7. "The energy to build a fire with twigs in the dark." How I LOVE this line. And that perfect image you've paired your poem with.

  8. I love the notion of handing over the keys willingly in the hope that the recipient will gain in understanding.

  9. I absolutely resonate with this.......the tamping down of our own wild dreams, the warden holding the keys, but "I hoped I had given them all to you." Back for another read, kiddo. This is really good stuff.

  10. great flow and imagery - cool piece

  11. Oh, such a trust in someone who keep all your keys....~ this is true about real friendship and love....~ thanks for sharing...:)x