Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Vastness of the Sea

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Linking with Poetry Jam for "the sea" prompt.

 For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always our self we find in the sea.
~e.e. cummings

 If standing before the vastness of the sea
you cannot find from within yourself
just one grain of hope rising up
as you look at the ocean holding up the sky
like a banner for all to see
revealing that there is somthing greater
and more powerful holding everything
...if in just that one moment you cannot
find just one grain of hope then
like a lost grain of sand... may never find it at all....


  1. So true Carrie... Whenever Im near the sea I can feel the vastness ... i can feel the miracle worker of the world and universe it seems! Amazing!

  2. Absolutely. No matter what worries or stress I had, all I had to do was step onto the shore for it all to fall away.

  3. Very true, Carrie, the sea is inspiring and works wonders in reinvigorating the mind and body.

  4. Oh yes, so true. If you look into the sea you just know that there is something greater....and one cannot help but feel a part of it....and be able to hope!

  5. What a lovely photo and I agree--the sea and its vastness is a good source of hope.

  6. So true! There is something about that vastness that brings peace and the feeling that anything is possible. Lovely :-)

  7. Beautiful and so full of truth, there is hope and acceptance in creation.

  8. this is so perfect, the image, the quote and the poem, complement each other well

    much love...

  9. O,dear, I see, I feel so much hope in the sea, in your words...Blessings! :)xx

  10. I really related to this. The sea is so vast and eternal, I have always found some comfort there. As a little aside, I enjoy the wonderful quotes you pepper you posts with - so thoughtfully selected and worthy of much contemplation.

  11. I have goosebumps reading this, Carrie.
    So true.
    The sea fills us with awe.
    May the Creator bless us :)

  12. How true!...I'm always in awe of All That perfectly everything is held together...oh yes that one grain & that one moment....this is profound...

  13. beautifully true....!!

  14. Wonderfully written, Carrie. The vastness, and then the powerful smallness that annihilates it!