All the Ghosts Under My Bed

Linking today with Flash Friday 55
I am delighted to be able to join in this time!
Come join us writers!!

When I was five
one night I heard ghosts
They seemed to moan from everywhere
I huddled in my covers
Closing my eyes tight
like army sheets
Fingers over ears
How long can one stay in hiding?
You ask,
As long as it takes
To fall asleep
Hoping to awake
To a ghost free world.


  1. I love this poem so much.......remember the childhood terrors in the night.....and here we are today, hoping to awaken one of these mornings to a ghost-free world.

  2. Tight as army sheets--that is a great simile, Carrie. I remember all sorts of things under my bed back then, and hiding under the sheets to protect myself. We are all wanting to pull those covers over our heads sometimes right now, I think, and find that elusive and ghost-removing sleep. So very glad you could join us, Carrie. Thanks for playing the 55, and have a kickass weekend, if possible.

    1. So glad to have been able to join in this time Joy! Yes hiding under the sheets is how I feel these days too. I hope your weekend is as wonderful as it can be as well. Thank you for your warm welcome and hosting such a wonderful prompt!!

  3. As a child, this was every night for me. The house I grew up in actually had a spirit, and I was highly empathic then. I spent half my time scared to death and was the only one in the family who could feel it, until my nieces years later. They hated staying at Grandma's house. They felt the same energy i did. It would chase you right out of a room.

    1. Gosh Shay, that sounds horrifying!! I cannot even imagine going through that. Stay safe and I look forward to your poem for tomorrow. :-)

  4. Oh, I too lived with ghosts and was the only one who could feel/see them. Black shapes danced the walls and crawled across the ceilings. My love affair with the moon began when I was a child because when it would shine through the windows the shadow beings wouldn't appear. I could never make my mom understand how real they were.

  5. I'm not sure what's scarier, the ghosts under the bed or the monsters we come across while awake these days!


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