Friday, February 6, 2015

Hope is Pushing Onward

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Linking with Poetry Jam for Mary's prompt "Journey"

 Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. ~Grandma Moses
You could say it has been a rough road,
and that would be the truth.
I have been stuck in the mud
and gotten mud upon my boots.
I have been stranded
on the wrong side of the road,
 and had to walk onward
 unable to get a tow.
Yet in the midst of hardship
there has always been a way.
I have made it forward
even on the hardest of days.
Kindness has appeared
from every walk of life.
It has reached out it's hand
to help in the day and the night.
So no matter what lies ahead
in my journey through the years,
I have the peace of knowing
that I need not hold to fear.
For no matter what goes wrong
hope and kindness are always here.

I know this poem sounds a bit trite, but in it's essence it is the utter truth.  I could get out a violin and tell of my heartaches like a country song, and I would have a grand and somber story to share, but truly there is so much hope, redemption, and true miracles along the path that the reality is it would be an inspirational uplifting story, not a tragedy.   So I guess I could sing :

"Some trails are happy ones
Others Are blue
It's the way you ride that trail that counts
Is a happy one for you.

Happy trails to you
Until we meet again
Happy trails to you
Keep smiling until then"



  1. This is a very inspiring poem, Carrie. It is good to know that as one journeys, even if one is stuck in the mud along the way, there will be people to help one along on one's journey. I like the optimism in this...and the idea that with a bit of help anything can be overcome.

  2. Life affirming! I love the simplicity of the writing, here. You have articulated some basic life truisms (that, alas, seem to elude many). As is usual with your work, Carrie, I found the piece to be extremely well crafted: the rhyme/near rhyme sprinkled throughout - wonderful!

  3. our experiences shape us for what is to come...the tough spots we face...we use what we knew before...and in the next one, what we will learn this time....

  4. So no matter what lies ahead
    in my journey through the years,
    I have the peace of knowing
    that I need not hold to fear.

    Beautiful lines Carrie! What prompts us all is the destiny of each one is not along the same path. But hope keeps tugging on our resolve and even conscience to make things move!


  5. I am glad that among darkness and hardships you always found hope and kindness. At the end of our lives, I think this is all that will have mattered. I liked the way you used everyday language in this poem.

  6. I love what you shared and truly believe it! Hope holds us and keeps us on a path searching for wonder~

    I, too am glad you find your way through the difficult to see true beauty~ A lovely write

  7. Just wow..!!!
    This piece of writing is just fabulous..!!
    And yeah.. there is always a happy ending..!
    Keep up the good work..


  8. Yes Yes Yes Carrie. Hope and kindness makes the yuck stuff hold on.Love that picture. I think you're incredibly creative and artistic. Love the poem. Wishes for an amazing weekend.

  9. May we always have help at hand and kind and loving souls with us.
    Lovely words, Carrie :)

  10. All journeys are fraught with uncertainties. How we cope is the important part. Great poem in my view:)

  11. Nothing trite about this one Carrie ~~ I love it!

  12. Not trite at all. Truth all the way.

    Loved this post from the photograph to the country song!

  13. Such a wonderfully hopeful story. (I like the photo as well)

  14. …there has always been a way. That is a powerful trait - and so hard for some to realize. Lovely poem.

  15. Poetry can make the trite of life worthwhile and momentous. Especially when one views it from the perspective of the poet. Nice one!

  16. Does this ever resonate with me, Carrie. If I had written my story when I was younger, it would have been depressing. Thankfully I am wiser now and understand why so much happened to me - and also know it made me who I am. One might wish the path had been easier. But we made it through!!!! Yay, us! I loved this, so heartfelt.