Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can't Run Away From the Circus.

"Her life was a circus.  So she decided to enjoy the ride."

Life is a highway so I asked for a Porsche,
but I got a rough trail with a galloping horse.

Life is a gala so I asked for a gown
but I got overalls that were meant for a clown.

Life is an opera so I asked for a stage
but I got a parakeet that sings in a cage.

Life is a circus so I asked for a trapeze with a net
but I got a small yard with a tiny swing set.

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  1. LOVE! The absurdity of it all came to mind first, and then the joys of a child's dreams, then Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz, and then in a flash I was back at pure fun.

  2. Your contrasts are given in such a direct way...I like the line for line action here...following lines serving as retorts or mini-conclusions. Great writing, Carrie.

  3. This is PERFECT! I got the same kind of deal........LOVED this!

  4. aw, but i hope you love your tiny yard and tiny swing set. :) this is wonderful, i can relate.

  5. I can totally relate... and I loved my "what I gots"

  6. ...and so life goes. Brilliant.

  7. Has to be one of my favorites!

  8. We often reach for the stars and find the dandelions in our yard shine the brightest. Love this piece.

  9. I love that quote! Strong statement always gets to me.

  10. Carrie, this is awesome. I finally got a new laptop, and I'm trying to get caught up. I really enjoy your craft. You have a special way with words. Take Care, Chris