Thursday, April 14, 2016

MIdnight In the Kitchen of Good and Evil

Art by Jacek Yerka
Mind Fields- "Between Heaven and Hell"

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The idea of this challenge is to substitute words of our own into the well-known titles of novels or movies.  My title is: Midnight in the Kitchen of Good and Evil....then write a poem to follow it.

Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat. ~Cicero

It is midnight and I have opened the fridge in search of something more to eat.
but I don't want an apple or carrots...what I WANT is something SWEET!
Don't make me eat a veggie salad, or low fat turkey on rye.
Let me have a desert with ice cream and apple pie!
I probably am not truly hungry, I just always want more in my gut!
If my stomach was a woman, it would be no lady but an evil slut.
I had breakfast lunch and dinner...heck I even had a snack, 
but I still want something later that is tasty, and full of fat!

I am not a glutton — I am an explorer of food. ~Erma Bombeck


  1. Oh Carrie, this made me chuckle! :D
    Beautifully rendered.

  2. Oh I get it..I finish one meal and immediately think of the next one. I am a food addict.

  3. Who wouldn't relate? (We poets are such sensualists, lol.) I adore above all the line: 'If my stomach was a woman, it would be no lady but an evil slut'.

  4. Midnight cravings like that is not limited to women... but alas there are no appropriate word instead of slut that would work for my philandering tummy

  5. Haha! i wish I could say that I do NOT relate, but that would not be true.

  6. That slut!! I'm so familiar with her...I've silenced my inner food-slut-woman...fasting and food planning for the last three's good to know my belly isn't the only one that craves "sweet." Excellent write!

  7. Thank you have made me smile is good to know my slut of a stomach is not alone. :-))

  8. I loved this it made me giggle. Especially the lines "If my stomach was a woman, it would be no lady but an evil slut." Such truth!!!

  9. Hallelujah! I don't have a sweet tooth, I have a mouth full of sweet teeth. Save a piece of pie for me! :-)

  10. Good and evil playing out in front of the refrigerator...we've all been there! Made me grin that **** eating grin!