Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Those Laser Beams

"A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon."

 ~Arnold Haultain

Gloria Swanson was born March 27, 1899 and passed away April 4, 1983.  She was one of the most prominent stars during the silent film era.

When I think of "silent film", I see  extravagant movement and expression that becomes almost a dance of sorts.  Life and relationships are so much about connecting and communicating.  Sometimes no words are truly needed, and there are times when words unspoken have broken homes.  Silence is like fire and the force of the ocean's wave.  It is both a useful necessity and something that can bring harm to someone within it's path.
Having the wisdom to know when to speak and when to be silent is a hard lesson to learn.  A lesson that can be hard for a writer at times.   This week at Imaginary Gardens the prompt for "The Tuesday Platform" is Silence.  Below is my attempt at just that.

He barges in the house
with mud on his boots
 beer on his breath
and lots on his mind
oblivious to the fact
that she has flour on her hands
a child on her side
and the phone ringing in her ear.
He lost his job today
the 3rd on in 2 years.
He plops at the table
and spills more than his beer.
She turns around
and gives him
the look.
You know
the one.
The glare
that pierces through metal.

Here is another post I have to share about silence just click here to read.


  1. Wow this poem is piercing

    Happy New Year

    Much love...

  2. I love the ~Arnold Haultain~ quote. And yes, that glare is all that's needed.

  3. I know that look. Most men can't deal with it very well.
    Poor fellow. Poor lady.

  4. The shape of the poem matching, almost like a nail that has been hammered. I'm glad she didn't kiss him.

  5. "Sometimes no words are truly needed, and there are times when words unspoken have broken homes." This is a very profound statement, Carrie.

    The scenario you present says everything in the attention to details.

  6. Awesome poem. So much said in so few words. And Carrie...great to be reconnected. It's been awhile. Always love and am inspired by your creativity.

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